Charles Bradley Ltd Edition 12" Vinyl - "Lonely as You Are" x "Lucifer"
Charles Bradley Ltd Edition 12" Vinyl - "Lonely as You Are" x "Lucifer"

Charles Bradley Ltd Edition 12" Vinyl - "Lonely as You Are" x "Lucifer"

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Charles Bradley “Lonely as You Are” x “Lucifer” (w/instrumentals)

“I love you. And this is Charles Bradley.  I hope this one day gets out to the world.” 

Limited edition vinyl of Charles Bradley's “Lonely as You Are” and “Lucifer.” Cover photograph of Bradley taken by Giles Clement at the 2017 Newport Folk Festival.  Features performances by Seth Avett and Mike Marsh from the Avett Brothers along with producers James Levy and Paul Defiglia.   

Charles Bradley had a lot on his mind when he recorded “Lonely as You Are” and "Lucifer.”  A stomach cancer diagnosis in the Fall of 2016 forced him off the road at the peak of his career.  Weakened by months of chemotherapy, facing a life threatening surgery and confronting his own mortality in a moment of political upheaval and uncertainty (the last month of Obama’s presidency), Bradley was filled with ideas and energy when he stepped into a Queens home recording studio and spontaneously created “Lonely as You Are” and “Lucifer.”  

“Charles knew what he wanted to say and he said it quickly,” co-writer and co-producer James Levy said in a statement. “He wore his heart on his sleeve. A true singer.”

Praise for “Lonely as You Are”:

“a devastating masterclass” - Rolling Stone

 “one of the strongest soul songs of the year”- Atwood Magazine

 “Lonely as You Are is hard to listen to, but only in the way that great songs are” - Consequence of Sound

Praise for “Lucifer”:

“Lucifer is a soaring soulful jam, and captures The Screaming Eagle of Soul at a bittersweet moment of his life, at the crossroads of life and death, knowing finality was close up ahead"  - WXPN (“Gotta Hear Song of the Week)”  

“an uptempo soul jam with plenty of his trademark powerful, time-weathered screams and joyful, spiritual lyrics. The song is empathetic, his encouraging and consoling final message to the world before he took his leave” - PASTE

"On 'Lucifer,' a soulful number with a spiritual undertone, the singer calls out Obama’s successes, wailing, 'Obama! You’ve done what you had to do. Change the world!'" - Rolling Stone

Track Listing

Side A

1. Lonely as You Are

2. Lucifer

Side B

1. Lonely as You Are (Instrumental)

2. Lucifer (Instrumental)